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UGMA/UTMA Conversion Calculator

With this calculator, it's important to use current information about the UGMA/UTMA account. Before you start, you should have the account balance and its cost basis. Cost basis is the total purchase price
(including any dividend reinvestments), less any fees or commissions. The cost basis is subtracted from the account balance to determine any estimated capital gain or loss. You should also have the
expense ratios for the UGMA/UTMA and anticipated 529 holdings. If you don't have this information, we suggest that you contact your financial institutions for these figures.

Child's age      
College start age      
Parent's marginal tax rate      
Account Name (optional) Holding Type* Balance Cost Basis Expense Ratio
         $    $   
         $    $   
         $    $   
         $    $   
         $    $   

*We assume balanced holdings are allocated equally between stocks and bonds.

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